Bitwig Studio 5.1 update introduces new sound design and voice stacking tools

This is the first upgrade to the fifth reiteration of the flagship Bitwig DAW, which was launched in June.

Bitwig 5.1

Bitwig 5.1

Bitwig has launched Bitwig Studio 5.1, the latest version of its flagship DAW, bringing new sound design features such as filters and waveshapers.

Bitwig 5 launched in June 2023, introducing five different multi-stage envelope generators (MSEGs), new capabilities for the DAW’s Clip Launcher, a revamp of its browsers, and modulation system upgrades, such as the ability to control track and project-level parameters, and to expand modulators with pop-out windows.

Now, Bitwig is improving the DAW further, with a keen focus on sound design. This update introduces 10 fresh modules, comprising four filters and six waveshapers, each offering unique sound profiles suitable for diverse applications. These modules can be readily integrated into the DAW’s audio effects containers Filter+ and Sweep or serve as patch modules within The Grid.

Alongside these 10 modules, this update introduces a new oscillator, with the filters now accessible as modules in Polymer, Bitwig Studio’s semi-modular synthesizer. New enhancements to voice stacking modulators now provide an even richer sound layering experience.

Bitwig has also brought in workflow improvements aimed at streamlining audio editing and mixing, empowering users to work more efficiently. Additionally, Bitwig Studio 5.1 introduces a new oscillator known as Bite, a file format for seamless project exchange, and native integration with TouchDesigner for video performance.

MusicTech gave Bitwig 5 a review shortly after it was launched in August 2023. In it, we gave it a strong 10/10. We were impressed by its deep integration with devices and plugins, project-wide Modulators, and remarked that its Wavetable LFO brought a lot of creative potential. The Multi-Segment Envelope Generator modules were a handy addition, we wrote. We did, however, point out that it lacked some basic offline audio processing tools.

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