Soundtoys Little Plate reverb plugin is FREE for a limited time

You have until 1 December to claim your free copy of the popular plugin, which offers emulations of many classic reverbs.

Soundtoys Little Plate

Credit: Soundtoys

Soundtoys is giving away its Little Plate reverb plugin for free until 1 December 2023.

Soundtoys’ Little Plate is a reverb plugin known for its emulation of classic plate reverbs. It features a user-friendly interface, a warm decay, modulation controls for adding movement, and a mix knob for balancing wet and dry signals. This plugin is regarded highly by producers for its simplicity and vintage reverb character, making it a popular choice for enhancing vocals, instruments, and mixes with a classic plate reverb sound.

The brand has now decided to offer the Little Plate reverb plugin, which usually costs around $80, for free. This offer runs until 1 December 2023 and is available via Soundtoys.

“After the release of SuperPlate earlier this year, we thought it the perfect time to give everyone a chance to experience the original (and still awesome) Little Plate plug-in. It’s an amazing-sounding reverb that’s become a staple of many pro users. We’re constantly hearing how much people love the EMT 140 sound, modelled on the plates in our collection,” said Soundtoys’ CEO and lead designer Ken Bogdanowicz.

“SuperPlate dives much deeper into the world of analogue plates with five different plate reverb models and with much greater creative control over the reverb sounds.”

If you’re an avid user of plugins, you’ll no doubt be aware of Soundtoys’ widely-used catalogue of software, which includes the likes of EchoBoy, popular for its versatile echo and delay effects, and Decapitator, offering lush analogue saturation.

Soundtoys also allows you to shape your sound using FilterFreak’s filter and modulation controls. The brand’s own Little Radiator effect is useful too for adding a little ’60s-esque tube heat to bass and synths.

Little Plate is not the only reverb offered by Soundtoys. It released the SuperPlate in August, and in our review of it, we wrote, “a wonderful sound, concise and easy to use GUI, and a few neat tricks up its sleeves”.

Head to Soundtoys to find out more.


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