Arturia V Collection X

Everything you need to know about Arturia’s V Collection X

The tenth edition of the soft synth suite now has 39 instruments and over 10,000 sounds

Arturia V Collection X

Advertorial feature with Arturia

With each upgrade, Arturia’s V Collection repeatedly proves why it’s one of the most popular software synth bundles available. Rammed with respectful and modernised emulations of classic analogue instruments such as the Sequential Prophet-6 and Roland Juno-6, plus models of acoustic and electric pianos, it could easily be the only virtual synth purchase you’ll ever need to make.

When MusicTech reviewed V Collection 8 in 2021, we asked if it was the “king of soft-synth suites”. The answer? A big fat yes. Shortly after the 2022 release of V Collection 9, we wrote that it would be “hard to imagine needing much else”. You’d be forgiven for thinking there’s no way the French brand could top this, then. However, with the tenth edition V Collection X, it looks like Arturia have delivered yet again, proving us all wrong.

V Collection X sees the addition of six more synths, turning the vast collection into a head-spinning 39-strong collection for just $599. Two existing instruments, the Wurli V and the Mini V, have also been entirely rebuilt and three new expansion packs have been added, bringing 450 new and diverse presets to the table.

What’s new: six new synths

The key takeaway from Arturia V Collection X is the introduction of six new synths. Three of these, the MiniFreak V, the Acid V and the CP-70 V, recreate and enhance existing hardware. Augmented GRAND PIANO, Augmented BRASS and Augmented WOODWINDS come straight from Arturia’s Augmented soft synth series, which pairs electronic synthesis with deeply sampled acoustic instruments, conjuring some unique sonic results.

MiniFreak V from Arturia V Collection X
MiniFreak V from Arturia V Collection X

The Arturia MiniFreak V is a digital emulation and companion plugin for the brand’s own MiniFreak polyphonic synthesizer that “unites dual digital sound engines with analogue filters, playful modulation, instinctive sequencing, and rich stereo effects for sounds”. This version, launched in January, mirrors its hardware counterpart with a strikingly similar and elegant interface.

With dual sound engines, detailed analogue-modelled filters, expressive sequencing, a host of experimental modulation, and versatile effects slots, it delivers a tactile hardware-like experience with digital and analogue fusion. The VST doesn’t just reflect the look of the hardware original, but it offers preset unity and syncing capabilities, so you can switch between hardware and software if you have both.

In our review, we gave it a 9/10, saying: “Like its hardware counterpart, MiniFreak V is an astonishing synth. Its algorithmic oscillators give it a huge range of different voices, and the quality of sound is richly satisfying. It is at its best when teamed up with MiniFreak hardware, but it is nonetheless an awesome new addition to Arturia’s V synth range.”

Acid V from Arturia V Collection X
Acid V from Arturia V Collection X

Arturia’s Acid V bassline synth – launched in August – is for lovers of seductively squelchy acid basslines. Described by Arturia as a “corrosive bassline machine”, it’s based on the iconic Roland TB-303.

The Acid V’s got all the expected features: an analogue-style oscillator with Square and Triangle waveforms, a sub-oscillator with a 2-octave range and three waveforms, a Resonant low-pass filter and Slide and Accent functions. The soft synth goes far beyond the capabilities of the hardware original, however, introducing a Distortion with 14 algorithms, an added Vibrato feature and an advanced polymetric sequencer & arpeggiator with room for up to 64 steps.

In our 9/10 review, we said: “Ultimately, for a 303 emulation it all comes down to the sound and Acid V gets it right in all the right places. It’s squelchy and meaty and will certainly satisfy your acid cravings.”

A take on the 1976-launched electric piano, the Yamaha CP-70, Arturia’s CP-70 V, according to the brand, “honours the legendary Yamaha electro-acoustic piano that infused the 70’s and 80’s with a rich, warm and eminent stage sound”.

Arturia has combined “exquisitely-detailed, multilayered sampling” with accurate modelling to capture the original’s intimate and expressive character. With Arturia’s respectful recreation, you get a three-band EQ, an array of built-in effects, loads of presets and further sound-shaping options.

Augmented BRASS from Arturia V Collection X
Augmented BRASS from Arturia V Collection X

Alongside hardware emulations, Arturia has added three of its forward-thinking soft synths from the Augmented series to V Collection X: Augmented BRASS, Augmented WOODWINDS and Augmented GRAND PIANO.

These are hybrid instruments. They combine meticulously recorded samples, spanning many playing styles, with synth engines for diverse sonic possibilities. Each synth offers a seamless blend of traditional and futuristic sounds, offering project-ready presets and intuitive controls for effortless expression. On each Augmented synth, you’ll find a central Morph control that lets you adjust the balance between sample and synthesis so you can shape a truly unique sound.

Two “fully rebuilt” synths & 450 new presets

Alongside these exciting new additions mentioned above, Arturia has fully rebuilt two synths for V Collection X.

The Mini V, now Mini V4, faithfully recreates Moog’s Minimoog with an enhanced audio engine, polyphony mode, Vintage knob, revamped interface, and expanded modulation capabilities.

Similarly, the Wurli V, now Wurli V3, emulates the Wurlitzer EP200 keyboard with updated physical modelling, output circuitry, GUI, effects, advanced settings, hardware view, and a pedal rig.

If all of this was not enough, Arturia has also added three new preset Expansion Packs, meaning you can now play with a whopping 450 extra presets.

Inward Universe offers emotive ambient spaces and modern Augmented presets. Inner City Soul blends classic soul with modern music using the rebuilt Mini V4 and Wurli V3 synths. Hyper Rave dives into underground innovation, featuring Acid V and Minifreak V, offering a spectrum from enigmatic sounds to energetic 4-to-the-floor compositions. Each pack showcases a mix of instruments from the V Collection X, catering to varied musical experiences and styles.

What else can we find in V Collection X?

V Collection X, as well as bringing in loads of new synths, still contains a vast array of brilliant products. These include the DX7 V, which replicates Yamaha’s FM DX7 synthesis powerhouse. There’s also the Analog Lab, a comprehensive library of sounds from various synths, the Prophet V, blending Sequential’s Prophet-5 and Prophet VS, the CZ V, capturing Casio’s Phase Distortion synthesis and the Mellotron V, which offers classic tape-based sampling.

The Arturia V Collection X soft synth suite is available to buy for €599/$599/£515.

Find out more and grab your copy via Arturia.


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